lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

Walker Outfit "Red Vest" Gift @ Pasarella

Only available at Pasarella.
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Walker Outfit "Blue Vest" Gift @ Mimi's Choice

Walker Outfit "Blue Vest" Gift

Only available at Mimi's Choice.

venerdì 14 ottobre 2011


Sartoria "Leaves'Eyes" collection exhibit October 2011.

October will be hosting Sartoria's last collection "Leaves'Eyes"
Take a look at the panels showing traveller's workflow. How an item is imagined, designed, created: from dreams to pixel reality.
Each item is carefully studied, lines and materials accurately selected, so that the final result communicates a strong sense of fashion as art.
With this collection you can mix&match to create your own unique style or choose one of the ready outfits. No matter which way, Leaves'Eyes make you man you want to be.
Don't forget to take the gifts at the entrance of the Expo Hall
Stay tuned for gifts throughout all october!

OGlam "The Dressing of Men" featuring Sartoria

OGlam Inc. presents:

"The Dressing of Men" featuring Sartoria traveller Bade

October 8th 2011 . 2 pm Slt

OG Models for the "The Dressing of Men" Sartoria Show:
Angelik Lavecchia
ChristianDavid Destiny
Didier Rascon
Ewan Crumb
Liam Netizen
Matteo Bettencourt
Philip Dollinger

OG Chat Host:
Vixie Rayna
OG Voice Host/ Music:
Editorial Clarity
OG Script Writer:
Anigma Eulenberg
OG Show Concept and Builder: 
Matteo Bettencourt, Lulu Breuer and Ewan Crumb
OG Graphic & Photographer Team: 
Lulu Breuer, Secrest Baily and Natzuka Milandrovic
OG Runway Manager: 
Linda Reddevil