venerdì 27 agosto 2010

Sartoria News . August 2010

Hey friends,
how was your vacation?

welcome back in sl!

Some news by Sartoria
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■ The new Sartoria Customer Rewards Program, available only at Velvet Mainstore.
After each buying the customers will be credited back to their "store account" a percentage amount to spend in the same store.
The more customers spend, the more get in return!!
Dont miss!
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■ Sartoria Store Credit/Gift Cards
Customers can purchase store credit or give gift cards. Credit system is all keyless
based which requires the customers to never have to attach or wear card. Just buy
the card and begin shopping.
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■ New Gifts! Available at the Mainstore
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■ Sartoria Raffle!
You just need to click the raffle sphere and you will register, every sunday one of you win the new "Sartoria Chic Tourist Outfit"
More raffles will come soon.
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Available at the store the amazing Choppers by X.C.C - Xtreem Custom Choppers . Custom Quality Bikes!