giovedì 27 maggio 2010

Sartoria at Wedding Collection 2010

Sartoria is pleased to announce the participation in one of the major events of Second Life!
1st Show - May 29 (sat) 6 pm slt (for non-Japanese residents)
2nd Show - May 30 (sun) 6 am slt (for Japanese residents)

lunedì 24 maggio 2010

MIster Sartoria 2010 is Daniele Eberhardt

Congratulation to Daniele!

Concerning the competition I have recently organised, I wish to make my position clear as to those issues which seem to have generated unnecessary controversy.
I was confident the members of the jury were competent and honest and that with the prestige of their position as designers, journalists, models, etc, integrity and commitment were part of the package. Hence, I felt confident to trust them each single evening.
Indeed, with the aim of always being honest, consistent and transparent, the scores set by the jury were duly published every evening as soon as they were available. I wish to stress that this aim was made the easier by the participation of members whose moral value and dedication made the contest an enjoyable event.
However, it's with utter disappointment that I realised how both some members of the public and some participants believed that this contest would be exclusively aimed at granting an award, labelling a victory, report a gain. From the very start, my intention had been to find an avatar with the qualities of an employee who would be able to represent the brand of Sartoria.
Whoever wishes to work with a designer (in this specific case a succesful brand with a presence of over 3 years on sl) should appreciate the opportunity the above contest offered as work experience for someone with new ideas and in need of a platform, support and experience.
Also, I noticed how some have hinted at the competition being just a scam, and this saddens me as I repute myself an honest person and I believe that suspicion never leads to excellence.I am not taking the moral highground here, I simply wish to express my point of view as freedom and respect enable me to.
Having read some comments and impressions about participating to the contest, it seems some believed to be the winners even before the jury had convened, hence their delusion once the results were announced. Deluded participants then proceeded to throw mud on the enterprise, and that is what hurt me the most, as I believed to have gone into this not only with the pride in the commitment I put into my work, but also with the integrity and humility of my intentions.

I make very little difference between second life and real life, and in terms of personal behaviour I don't think it's fair to hide behind an avatar to express offensive and inappropriate views, as these inevitably say something about the true nature of the flesh and blood person owning the avatar.
Respect for race, social background, nationality and religion is fundamental when using a global platform enabled by the very democratic values at heart of the free society which lets us use SL, therefore I hope that the offensive comments I have read are just a brief lapse of judgement and not deeply rooted beliefs as these would be a contraddiction for any sl user.

Because of the above reasons I have decided I will not run any more competitions on SL, whether or not they are funded with my earniongs. Additionally, I have removed the group from the contest site Joining, for I do not wish to associate my honest brand to controversy, insult and offense.

a great person of 20th century said:
"Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names."
(J.F. Kennedy)

Yours sincerely
traveller Bade
Sartoria CEO

giovedì 20 maggio 2010

nice to see what the businessman is wearing!