giovedì 18 giugno 2009

Sartoria Provides Wardrobe for Virtual TV Host

On 21 June, the Sartoria men's fashion line will be the exclusive outfitters for the wardrobe for Elrik Merlin, the co-host of the popular virtual television show, "Designing Worlds"

Elrik is also known from his work on Radio Riel.  His co-host, Saffia Widdershins, is the editor of Prim Perfect Magazine.  This sponsorship is a joint venture between Sartoria and Strider's Men's Shop - 5th Avenue.  Each week, Designing Worlds has a different theme; exploring many of the most interesting activities and environments and personalities in Second Life.  The show has a live, studio audience but is most often broadcast live from varied locations.  Elrik's wardrobe each week will compliment the theme for each new show.   We are excited to be able to provide the men's fashions for such a popular show and look forward to showcasing the full line of Sartoria styles and accessories.

martedì 2 giugno 2009

Who is Mr. Sartoria?

We at Sartoria would be glad to announce that Ceefer Voom is Mr. Sartoria. Sartoria is the definition of class and style for men. Thus we were curious to find in SecondLife someone who had these qualities. We had many applicants all very classy and stylish. Two out of the applicants showed us class and style. Their names are Ceefer Voom and WK Ganesvoort. They both were talented, and showed us qualities that we were looking for. After awhile of thought we chose Ceefer as Mr. Sartoria and WK as 2nd place winner. We are very proud to have these two as our winners and woul like to congradulate them. Everyone who didn't make it please try again all of your photos were amazing. Watch out for our next contest and good luck.

Manager Of Sartoria

Hello everyone this is Mrohs Baxton, and I am the manager of Sartoria. Home of the best tailored suits and casual wear for men. If you have a problem or question feel free to IM me in world. I will gladly help you.

Mrohs Baxton